The Author

The Author

A Practical Guide to Crofting Law - Brian Inkster launches the book at the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow

Brian Inkster is a solicitor specialising in crofting law. He is the Hon Secretary of the Crofting Law Group, a member of the Crofting Group of Scottish Land & Estates, the Cross-Party Group on Crofting at the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government Crofting Stakeholder Forum, the Crofting Register Stakeholder Forum and the Scottish Government Crofting Bill Group.

Brian blogs about crofting law at the Crofting Law Blog and regularly writes articles for The Crofter (the trade magazine of the Scottish Crofting Federation). He also provides comment and articles to local and national newspapers and magazines such as The West Highland Free Press, The Shetland Times, The Oban Times, The Northern Times, The Scotsman, The Herald, The Press & Journal, The Scottish Farmer, Scottish Legal News and The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

Brian also gives talks on crofting law to universities and at conferences, workshops and seminars. He has provided detailed submissions to the Scottish Government on proposed crofting law reform.

Brian has been interviewed about crofting law on BBC Alba, BBC Reporting Scotland and Sunday Politics Scotland. He has also been interviewed about crofting law on local and national Scottish radio news programmes.

Brian founded Inksters Solicitors in Glasgow in 1999. Inksters now also have offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Forfar, Inverness, Lerwick, Portree, Thurso and Wick.

Inksters provide a free legal advice helpline on crofting law to members of the Scottish Crofting Federation. Brian provides tutoring on Acquiring and Evaluating a Croft / Crofting Law Basics to the Access to Crofting Toolkit Course run by the Scottish Crofting Federation.