The Book

The Book

A Practical Guide to Crofting Law by Brian Inkster

A Practical Guide to Crofting Law by Brian Inkster is an introduction to crofting law for those with an interest in it or who may touch upon it. Whether that is lawyers, law students, land agents, crofters, landlords, Members of the Scottish Parliament or anyone else with an interest in crofting law.

The book covers the main issues briefly and concisely, aiming to highlight the complexity of crofting law and the pitfalls and traps that await the uninitiated. The aim is that readers will, as a result, be better versed in the basics of crofting law.

It has received many plaudits from those involved in crofting and has been described as:-

  • The most readable book on crofting law in existence.”
  • “An invaluable practical guide to demystify crofting law.”
  • A book “lawyers will hate.”
  • “An extremely helpful guide to crofting law which will help all who have to navigate the Byzantine routes through the law of the land.”
  • “A book that has been awaited since crofting law was formed.”
  • “Essential for the crofter’s bookshelf.”
  • “An invaluable resource for Young Crofters and new entrants starting out in the industry.”
  • A book that “will be a go to resource in years to come.”
  • “Vital to anybody who seeks to understand, apply or reform crofting law.”
  • “An admirably accessible and well-structured guide to the basics of crofting law.”

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